T-Technology Component

This is an air-cooled component that comes fitted with a range of communications and data storage and processing capabilities.
The technology comes pre-loaded with up to 3000 Terabytes of Useable storage in a redundant (mirrored configuration) complete with enough CPU and memory to ensure immediate use.

•Any type or combination of technologies can be used. All operating systems are supported.
•Communications with the user community are provided through wireless network connections. This process is covered in detail under the technology section.
•The user community can operate between themselves and the container using pre-loaded content.
•Fibre, Copper Broadband or Satellite communications provide internet communications and the ability to upload or download fresh content.
•Built-in Search appliances provide cached internet facilities, saving time and money.
•Can be used as a local hub and data sharing or chat facility.
•Technology Unit can be deployed on un-prepared sites up to 15 degrees from level position, due to built-in levelling legs and horizontal stabilisers.

U-UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Component

The UPS component sits alongside the Technology component to ensure 24/7 up-time and power smoothing capability.
The UPS Component has a modular design and varying charging sources to allow for it to run more than one technology component or one technology component for an extended period of time.

•Modular UPS Design allows for N+1 redundancy. Increase time and/or load by adding more segments inside the UPS Component or add another UPS Component (even with a different power source) if required.
•Remote Management from Technology Component and TUPS Operations Centre.
•UPS Component can be also deployed on unprepared sites up to 15 degrees from level position, due to built-in levelling legs.

P-Power Generation Component

TUPS can use multiple power sources. Power can be supplied from existing infrastructure and use one Power Generation Component as backup power or where there is no available power, use Solar or Wind Power with Power Generation Component as a backup.
The power generation Components have been custom designed and feature multiple fuel capability to allow for green fuel burning where different blends of fuel are available.

•Up to 400 hours continuous running time on efficient generation plant. Turn off and run YTUPS on UPS whilst re-fuleing to eliminate down-time.
•Multi-fuel options built in to reduce carbon footprint and run up to 100% Bio fuels automatically
•Remote Management from UPS Component / Technology Component and TUPS Operations Centre

S-Support Component

The Support Unit contains spare parts for interconnect and maintenance of TUPS components. The Support Component can be used as an additional Repeater Mast unit if required. All technical support for your TUPS is provided by The TUPS Company to ensure your system performs well even with the harshest SLA's