TUPS can be deployed in many situations to solve many problems.
We have identified just a few potential uses for TUPS.

Educational or Community Resource Centre

As TUPS can be filled with content prior to delivery and that content updated as required, TUPS is an ideal solution for delivery of "safe" content to the user community. TUPS provides Search appliances and internal messaging program capabilities so the user community can use any browser to access the content.
Example: Situate TUPS near the local shire office and provide a technology solution for the entire community. Data and files can be shared. Use TUPS for advertising purposes (Place websites on a community intranet). Chat over the network with friends and family. Go online with the local library.

Disaster Recovery Centres

Use TUPS as your disaster recovery centre.

Should you have a disaster and your facility is no longer available, Simply let us locate a TUPS to where your data centre used to be. No need to move staff. All the data you had yesterday is available today.

Capacity on Demand

Capacity increase on demand as your existing data centre needs to grow. Use TUPS as your capacity on demand data centre. TUPS removes long wait times for technology upgrades. TUPS can be removed when your data centre is upgraded.


•Mining Site Computing Centre.
•SCADA Control Centre for telemetry equipped remote monitoring and management of equipment.
•Satellite communications centre for back-to-base communications.
•Internet access control and proxy unit for mining company staff on site.
•Remote access point from head office.


•Managing business services for customers.
•Local hosting services for customers with localised priority response from search engine inside TUPS.
•Backup facilities for customers.
•Connected to the best available technology to provide internet and hosting services
•With our scalable wireless communications solution we can cover entire communities with strategic placement of with a minimal amount of wireless antennas.
•From our TUPS unit mast we can transmit to several locations directly using high bandwidth backhaul devices. From the connected sites we place small sector antennas which can then broadcast out to a large area providing end user connectivity.
•This wireless coverage allows users to connect directly into TUPS at broadband speeds to access our range of services.