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What is TUPS?

TUPS is an acronym

Technology, Un-interruptible, Power and Support

Explanation of Purpose

When discussing TUPS it is important to understand its business purpose. The purpose of TUPS is to provide a technical solution to rural and remote areas as an internet connected data centre for both community and commercial use.

TUPS is a data centre in a container - for any purpose.

TUPS is shipped to a customer site as a working unit to provide fast deployment of an information technology data and communications centre.

TUPS uses best of breed existing technology to deliver a business outcome to quickly solve a technology problem.

TUPS very purpose is fast deployment, mobility, no-capital outlay, technology delivery that can be removed when no longer required.

TUPS is not a competitive technology to existing technology facilities, simply an alternative that you can have now.


TUPS Company®'s unique transportable data centre allows remote locations to readily deploy new technologies by providing the necessary data centre capacity - whatever the location and with minimal support.

TUPS. stands for Technology, UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), Power Generation and Support as it is a fully self-contained, robust and transportable data centre facility. It provides significant data storage and processing capability, wireless communications, disaster recovery capability and IT resource centre capability.

Comprising a combination of existing technologies and TUPS Company's own innovative design and software solutions, TUPS. provides an instant solution to the challenges of remote computing.

The TUPS solution consists of specially modified shipping containers that are fully equipped and delivered ready to use. We simply connect the components to an existing backup power source or use the in-built generator running on either Diesel Mineral Diesel or Alternate Bio fuels. Primary power comer from solar energy.

The modular nature of the TUPS design means it can be operated as a single unit on a remote site or can be easily scaled to create a major commercial data centre when required.

The solution can be deployed on almost any site, no matter how rough the terrain. Each container features 4 leveling legs for stability and ground clearance as well as self-contained air conditioning to ensure an optimal operating environment is maintained. Power to the site is assured at all times via T.U.P.S's in-built power sources.

In addition, the TUPS units can be Cyclone and/or Eathquake rated and are designed for operation in remote areas with no personnel required on site.

Ease of transportation is assured as each component of the TUPS solution is housed in standard 20 foot intermodal shipping containers that can be delivered or relocated by any bulk transportation mode.

Once installed TUPS can provide remote sites with:

Delivery to Your Site

The components that make up TUPS are housed in intermodal shipping containers which can be safely delivered by road and/or rail.

The components are sited, any required assembly completed and all components connected by TUPS Company staff and/or its installation contractors.

Any required data and/or software is downloaded and/or installed if it was not pre-installed prior to delivery.

Ongoing management facilities are provided by TUPS Company or TUPS can be managed by local residents or contractors through a licensing arrangement.

TUPS Company ensures that all TUPS units are fully maintained. (a period of 14 days is allowed for installation and setup time once the TUPS components have been delivered to the site).


All support for your TUPS is provided by TUPS Company to ensure you have no support worries during the life of your system. Support contracts are available for specific services as required.